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A volunteering initiative from the DoSomething charity

Event Partners


The Op Shop PR Committee



This year, the posters and media materials for Op Shop Week 2016 are being managed by a PR Committee comprising representatives from The Red Cross, Salvos Stores, Vinnies and DoSomething. This team has already distributed information about the event to media and charity op shops all across Australia.


Posters are being developed which can be adapted to include the logo for your charity op shop. If you would like adaptable media releases and posters that you can use to promote your charity op shop, please contact the Op Shop Week PR Committee via


We look forward to working with your op shop for Op Shop Week 2016!




Jon Dee, Founder of National Op Shop Week and DoSomething, is very proud to have started National Op Shop Week. We can all donate high quality goods, volunteer in a shop or buy some new gear. Whichever way we help, we can all make a difference and give a hand. That's what Op Shop Week is all about!

Getting out there and doing something is what we're all about too. DoSomething is a charity that works to create and promote positive social and environmental change. Rather than talk about the problems, we seek to "do something" by building alliances between businesses, government, other charities and the community. Problems are identified and solutions are then found that achieve measurable benefits for the environment and the community.



Media Partner



News Corp Australia has partnered with National Op Shop Week as the campaign's major media partner. Through NewsLocal, News Corp helps connect you with news in your community.


NewsLocal blue logo

People love their neighbourhood. It’s where they shop, work, play, eat, and celebrate. 

NewsLocal has a deep connection with our audiences and our trusted local brands are an essential part of community life.

Locals turn to us each week to find out what’s happening in their area. From local events, council, and shopping news, to campaigning for safer communities, celebrating successes and highlighting local heroes – NewsLocal works with our audiences to build better community life.

For more information visit: NewsLocal





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